Gary Reilly & The Asphalt Warrior

My friend Gary Reilly passed away in 2011.

I would never have been published without his help.

When Gary died, he left behind 25 novels.


My friend Mike Keefe, who introduced me to Gary in 2004, agreed to form a company with me to publish Gary’s works.

The publication process stared in 2012 with The Asphalt Warrior, the first of Gary’s series about Denver cab driver Brendan Murphy, a.k.a. “Murph.”

To date (2018), Running Meter Press has published eight books in The Asphalt Warrior series, all three books in the Private Palmer series (based on Gary’s experiences before, during and after The Vietnam War), and one stand-alone novel of suspense, The Circumstantial Man. 

There are many ways to keep up to date with Gary’s works.

Main web page is here.

Murph’s Facebook page is here.

Follow Murph on Twitter: @Asphalt_Warrior

Gary’s obituary here.



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