2020: Top Books

Highlights from reading in 2020. The order is irrelevant. These are from titles I read last year, not necessarily published in 2020.


1. K: A Novel by Ted O’Connell

2. The Quality of Mercy by Katayoun Medhat

3. Weather by Jenny Offill

4. This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger

5. Lacandon Dreams by Katayoun Medhat

6. Blacktop Wasteland by S.A. Cosby

7. The Vanishing Sky by L. Annette Binder

8. The Boy Detective & The Summer of ’74 by Art Taylor

9. The Whites by Richard Price / Harry Brandt

10. The Three Mrs. Wrights by Linda Keir

11. Midnight at the Barclay Hotel by Fleur Bradley

12. Apeirogon by Colum McCann


1. Becoming Superman by J. Michael Straczynski

2. How I Made A Huge Mess of My Life by Billie Best

3. Buddha Takes the Mound: Enlightenment in 9 Innings by Donald Lopez Jr.

4. Horse Head – Brain Science & Other Insights by Maddy Butcher

5. Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe

6. In the Belly of the Beast by Jack Henry Abbott

7. Underland by Robert Macfarlane

8. Edge of the Map by Johanna Garton

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