“Easy, Witty and Enjoyable”

The reviews are starting to roll in for Gary Reilly’s second novel, “Ticket to Hollywood.”

This particular review on the book blog site AnitaBook (great name) nailed it.

An “easy, witty and enjoyable” read.

IMG_0219Three words that sum up my late pal’s writing as well as any three I could pick.

Anita Buice’s review of “Ticket to Hollywood” is one of the first that really “gets”  the spirit of Murph.

“This book leaves you in a very good and relaxed state of mind,” she writes.

Alas, Anita didn’t quite understand that Gary passed away in March of 2011 so I contacted her to fill her in a bit–and to offer her a chance to read the first, “The Asphalt Warrior.”  She quickly accepted.

In short, Murph is making a name.  There’s another good review on the Indie Book Blog and a Q & A with the guys (whoever they are) behind Running Meter Press.

The response to “The Asphalt Warrior” and “Ticket to Hollywood” confirm what my pal Mike Keefe & I have known all along–that Gary Reilly was a classy, strong writer with some powerful (and very funny) stories to tell.

And “Ticket to Hollywood” is indeed “easy, witty and enjoyable.”  Launch tomorrow (Monday, Dec. 3) at Tattered Cover, Lower Downtown Denver.


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